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Our first U-space project DREAMS has been crucial for TopView’s strategy and growth.

It has allowed us to become part of the U-space network. We have built strong and lasting partnerships across the EU resulting in business opportunities and research projects like the Integrated Common Altitude Reference System for U-space ICARUS.”

Vincenzo Maria Ascione

Business Development

Over the years, we have designed state-of-the-art systems and prototypes for infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture, search and rescue and cultural heritage preservation.

As an innovative start-up and then as an SME, we have participated in several Horizon 2020 projects, the most important research and innovation programme of the European Union.

In the context of digital aviation, TopView participates in the definition of the U-space of SESAR JU, which is the set of services aimed at regulating the safe and efficient access of drones in European airspace.

In SESAR projects we bring our engineering skills and UAS operators, contributing both to the definition of operational concepts and to the study and development of services and micro-services.

Topview’s contribution to U-Space

Since 2016 Topview participates in key research projects about U-space. 

In many of these projects TopView has contributed to the development of services and prototypes, also taking care of the related testing and validation campaigns in the field.

For validation test we built a 1:1 GA aircraft cockpit, to simulate the interaction between drones and manned aviation. 

The research and development efforts led in 2021 TopView to be the first company to concretely adhere to the “U-space Manifesto” launched by D-Flight, the national provider of services for unmanned air traffic management.

It has in fact released a first beta version of Pollicino™, the proprietary tracker drone that allows drones to interface with the U-space services of the national provider, favoring situational awareness and safety of operations in the VLL (Very Low Level) airspace.

Tracker Pollicino


Cockpit simulator