Pollicino™️ Drone Tracker

The first device for Remote Identification service compliant with the Italian “Manifesto” for the development of the U-space services.
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Let us advise you, how do you mainly use your drone?

Professional Use


Ready for the uspace services

The publication of the Manifesto for the development of D-Flight’s U-Space services paved the way for the first U-Space services of Electronic Remote Identification Networking and Traffic Information (NRI). 

Knowing the exact location of the drones is essential to increase the safety of flight operations, especially if carried out beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS).

With this aim comes the family of products Pollicino™ designed to allow everyone to send the location of their UAS and access the U-space in a simple and safe.

Pollicino™ is based on the ICD of D-Flight and is available in two Box and App versions.

Pollicino™️ BOX

Pollicino™ Box is a drone tracker based on 4G Nbiot technology, which implements remote identification service over the network. It is the first Remote Identification device conforming to the “Manifesto” for the development of U-space services in Italy

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With embedded antenna, small size and low weight (40g), Pollicino™ Box is easy to install using velcro or specific holder (on request).

The battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous transmission with a single recharge1.


No configuration needed, once hooked on the drone, you just have to turn it on and take off.

A green LED indicates the proper functioning of the tracker

Track your UAS on d-flight

View operator code , position, altitude and speed of your UAS on d-flight platform.

These information are available for other operators in the closest surroundings to increase safety of the flights.

ADvanced U-space services

Pollicino can ease BVLOS operations, accessing advanced U-space services such as the “Traffic Information Service” and dynamic calculation of buffer area 2.


Need a specific holder?

We can provide immediately an holder for DJI M200 and M300 on demand.

If you need a specific holder for your UAS, we can design it.

External Antenna

Place the antenna where you prefer with the dedicated version of Pollicino with external antenna.

This version is available on request.

Technical Spefications


Dimension (WxHxD) 62x47x18 mm
Weight 40 grams
Start Manual (toggle switch)
Radiated power 23dBm
Battery life up to 6 hours
Recharge Micro USB connector
Data transmission frequency 1 second
Frequency bands (Italy) B3 (1800 MHz) e B20 (800 MHz)
4 Led indicators NET, TX (Data transmission), STATUS, CHARGING
Network connection NB-IoT


Pollicino™️ fly app

Pollicino™ Fly App is a “Ground Control Station” software that allows hobbyist pilots to track and signal the location of their drone to the U-space in real-time.

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simple and user-friendly

To fly with your drone, You simply have to connect the remote control to your smartphone, open the app and access d-flight3.

That’s it, you’re ready to take off!


Compatible with Android

The app is compatible with devices with an Internet connection and based on Android 8.0 and later.

With Pollicino™ Fly App you can fly the DJI drones of the Mavic and Phantom family4.


one-touch Tracking

Using the tracking switch, showing your position  during the flight is very easy.

The location transmission uses the data connection of your device5.


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  1. Typical value tested in third-party laboratory. The typical value is the estimated mean value considering the deviation of the battery capacity between samples of tested batteries. The estimated (minimum) capacity value is 660 mAh . The actual battery life may vary depending on the network, the type of use and other 
  2. Access to these services depends on the U-space Service Provider.
  3. To access it is necessary to register on the portal of D-FLIGHT S.p.A. – https://www.d-flight.it/
  4. Pollicino Fly app is a beta test application based on DJI M-SDK and ICD by D-FLIGHT S.p.A. All rights reserved. Currently tested and working on DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mavic 2, DJI Phantom 3 Professional and DJI Spark.  A telephone subscription allowing access to the data network is required. 
  5. A telephone subscription allowing access to the data network is required.