DODO - Door to Door

The project aims to create an ICT platform able to support VDS and General Aviation pilots in all flight phases without installing additional systems on board.

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Door to Door (DoDo) has recived funding from European Union and Regione Campania, under the POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020 Programme.

The research started in November 2018 and will end in September 2020


During the research project we collaborated with “NAIS“, experts in ICT systems powered by satellite technologies, and CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre.


The research aims to

> Create a low-cost product to support GA pilots that does not require any additional installation or certification; independent from on-board instrumentation and innovative compared to the products already present on the market.

> Increase safety levels in relation to air traffic, minimum flight levels and weather conditions, in accordance to the planned route or by recalculation of a new optimal route, providing support information to the pilot (Clean Sky 2).

> Support the users through a graphical interface designed in collaboration with the General Aviation pilots, flexible in according with the user needs both during flight planning and taxiing.


Our research aims to create a ICT platform to

>improve the flight safety during all its phases, with respect to air traffic, flight levels and weather conditions, with optimal route recalculation and providing supporting information to the pilot (Clean Sky 2).

>support the flight planning and taxiing  through a graphical interface designed in collaboration with pilots; flexible with respect to user preferences and Operator guidance.

Our Contribution

We are tested DODO Application on a 1:1 scale flight simulator of a single-engine “CESSNA 172 Skyhawk” that we made with for verifying the performance before the in-flight validation..

During the System development, testing and validation phases, we were involved in the trials in several simulated flight sessions, networking with the air traffic generation&control platform developed by CIRA to validate the software in situations of exceptional stress.