Italian Projects

Since we are committed to support local development, national and regional research and funding programs are a key instrument to combine innovation and external outcomes.


POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020, CUP: B83D18000370007.

General Aviation (GA) aircrafts can be seen as the next logical step in the evolution of people transport systems innovations. Unfortunately, these aircrafts do not have the advanced onboard instrumentation needed for safe flight, such as control of traffic environment or meteo hazards.

DODO project ensures this performance by the means of an ICT platform capable of supporting General Aviation and VDS pilots in all phases of flight, increasing the pilot’s Situation Awareness and paying particular attention to environmental and safety aspects. The ICT platform interacts with the GA Pilot personal device (tablet) and provides him with data and alerts needed for safe flight operations


POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020. CUP: B43D18000370007.

NARROW PATH explores the possibility to install advanced satellite navigation systems (EGNOS, Real Time Kinematics) on board of a small drone. The main goal is to reduce the NSE (Navigation System Error) and the FTE (Flight Technical Error) and therefore to make narrower the safety buffer around the planned flight path. As a result, the volume of the buffer zone aside the flight path could be reduced in the range of 100 or even 50m per side, with a substantial improvement compared to traditional UAS. This would enable large numbers of small drones operations in VLL airspace, nearby ground obstacles.


PSR CAMPANIA 2014-2020 TIPOLOGIA 16.1.1. CUP: B38H19005510009.

The main goal of the project INNOVARE is to realize an automated system for smart and sustainable management of water requirements in agriculture. It aims to use real-time data collection and analysis, coming from different types of sensors. 

The system will rely both on  sensors installed into the ground to measure in real time values like the terrain  humidity, and on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) – drones – equipped with the most suitable sensors for measuring the state of the crops at certain times.


POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020. CUP: B83D18000320007.

Project VESTA aims to develop and to field-test innovative and advanced technology tools in order to support the protection of cultural heritage. This system would provide the CH managers and operators with a new tool for scheduled and systematic monitoring and assessment of: state of maintenancedeteriorating state of structures, risk of damage and loss of ancient monuments, due to various degradation phaenomena, which undermine the integrity.


MIUR-ARS01_00702. CUP: B26G18000810005.

ACROSS contributes to the safe and efficient integration of small drones (sUAS) operations in controlled (airports) and non-controlled low level airspace. In both types of airspace manned and unmanned traffic co-exist.  The project will study and develop innovative capabilities and technologies, on-board and on the ground, in order to provide sUAS with: enhanced air traffic situational awareness and more accurate emergency management related to dynamic constraints of airspace or to unpredictable events affecting safety and efficiency of operations.


POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020. CUP: B63D18000610007.

The management of “problematic” bird species is one of the key issues for the Urban Hygiene. Namely, the coexistence problems with the Royal Seagull in urban environment are intensifying in the city of Naples such as in many european cities. In fact, this animal species is proliferating and colonizing especially coastal and urban areas. FOCUS project proposes a method to reduce the risk related to seagulls by the means of customized UAS, designed to devitalize their eggs from a certain distance.