European Projects

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the most important research and innovation programme in European Union.

Born to foster inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Horizon 2020 is strongly oriented towards topics such as healthcare, green energy and sustainable transports.

We are very proud to be part of manyH2020 projects.


European projects – GRANTS H2020


H2020-SESAR-2019-2. Topic: SESAR-ER4-31-2019. Proposal number: 894593.

ICARUS proposes an innovative solution to the challenge of the Common Altitude Reference inside VLL airspaces with the definition of a new U-space service and its validation in a real operational environment.

The project defines a new U-space U3 service tightly coupled with the interface of the existing U-space services (e.g. Tracking, and Flight Planning services). The users of ICARUS service shall be remote pilots competent to fly in BVLOS in the specific category of UAS operations and ultralight GA pilots potentially sharing the same VLL airspace.

TopView leads the definition of the operative scenario e its realization, including a GA flight simulator and the analysis of the results.




The project DREAMS aims to analyse the present and future needs of drone Aeronautical Information Management to support the growth of unmanned aviation, ensuring the safety of operations.

The study performs an analysis, simulation and validation of present and future applications and technologies related to information exchange, to ensure the feasibility of new processes, services and solutions for drone AIM and the scalability of the U-Space system.

As UAS operator, TopView brought your own point of view on future flight operations and information exchange among U-space services.




SARA solution is conceived to build up a semi-automatic system supporting SAR operations.

The system is based upon a fast deployable RPAS, equipped with VIS-TIR payloads (Visual spectrum and Thermal Infra-Red) and tighly coupled with its hangar through a cable. This ensures a large endurance to the drone, which is able to detect and locate survivors in the sea: it allows to reduce costs and to ease Search and Rescue missions in maritime environment.

TopView designed, developed and tested the prototype of the system.




COMP4DRONES will bear a holistically designed ecosystem ranging from application to electronic components. It is realized as a tightly integrated multi-vendor and compositional drone embedded architecture solution and a tool chain complementing the compositional architecture principles.

The ecosystem aims at supporting: efficient customization and incremental assurance of drone embedded platforms; safe autonomous decision making concerning individual or cooperative missions; trustworthy drone-to-drone and drone-to-ground communications even in presence of malicious attackers and under the intrinsic platform constraints, and agile and cost-effective compositional design and assurance of drone modules and systems.

TopView will integrate dual frequency GNSS in precision agriculture to exploit the potential of PPK and RTK.




AMPERE aims at engineering and starting to commercialize a dedicated solution for gathering electrical power network information, in order to support decision making actors (as energy sector operators public/private companies managing electrical networks), to collect all needed information to plan maintenance and upgrade of the electrical network.

TopView is designing a specific payload and developing an algorithm for the autonomous flight.





EASY-PV aims at building up an automatic system for acquiring, georeferencing and processing both visible and thermal images captured by an RPAS equipped with a Galileo/EGNOS high accuracy receiver, flying over a photovoltaic field. In this way it is possible to easily detect the modules affected by thermal anomalies, in order to replace or reallocate them.

TopView designed and developed the UAS: drone, GNSS receiver, payload and detection algorithm.


GNSS Galileo

Galileo is Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), providing improved positioning and timing information with significant positive implications for many European services and users.

The Galileo system makes valuable each Horizon 2020 project we made.