About Us

TopView is a System Engineering SME

We are committed to research and develop Drones and IoT solutions to be integrated in industrial business process and service providing.

The design, testing and prototyping activities rely on customers’ continuous feedback, following fast-prototyping approach to achieve best fit results in shorter time. Our engineering process can lead to realise a pre-series of the solution found.

Born in 2013 to explore the drone (UAS) market, nowadays we are proudly part of European and Italian projects.

Research programmes led us to strenghten our know-how in Drones and Internet of Things, while giving an international dimension to the company. 

Our domains

We constantly aim to improve our know-how and apply it in several domains, such as Energy, Search&Rescue and Surveillance, Agriculture, Construction and Yards and Automotive.

Our Values

We consider EthicsAccountability and Eco-Sustainability as pillars of our organization

We build our relations on trust and fairness, in order to create a solid network, able to generate value and mutual opportunities in the long term

Our company relies on enthusiasm of our young talents, they are free to express their potential in an international-oriented company

We foster eco-friendly behaviour, starting from projects and products related to green energy and environment monitoring. Moreover, our prototypes are built in recyclable plastic

Key Figures

Salvatore Mennella

Salvatore Mennella


Alberto Mennella

Alberto Mennella

Innovation Manager

Gianluca Luisi

Gianluca Luisi

RPAS Test Engineer

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