A week dedicated to Innovation: the events hosted by SESAR JU and GSA

From Dec 7 to 11 two of the most important European Agencies in matters of Space and Aerospace, involved all the communities of these sectors in an incredible week dedicated to the Innovation! We are speaking about the SESAR...

Flying in the sky of The Joint Research Centre JRC in Ispra (Italy), the third biggest European Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg

On 29th and 30th September TopView has carried out flight operations within the Joint Research Centre of Ispra (VA - Italy) as representative of the SARA project. The use of two drones, in different configurations, allowed the collection of additional GNSS data, with...

ICARUS: TopView participates in the ambitious U-space project for the definition of a Common Altitude Reference.

The ICARUS project started a few months ago. In which scenario is it set and what are the main goals of this U-space project? This article intends to answer as clearly as possible, introducing a short descriptive video.       As part of U-space...

We believe that drones can make the difference in many areas of application. 

That’s why we integrate drones into business processes in a simple and effective way.

We design the most suitable solution, based on existing business systems and a constant interaction with the customer.

flight Operations

On field test and validation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and payloads 

1:1 Cockpit simulator for Digital Aviation Research 


Internet of Flying Things

Design of tailor-made solution for niche applications


U-space services development

Passion for excellence

Our constant pursuit of technical excellence is pushed by an authentic passion for drones.

We firmly trust in the disruptive impact of drones in many applications: over the years we’ve designed and prototyped cutting-edge systems, fulfilling customers’ needs.

A hobby in the beginning now has become a drone-focused company for precision agriculture, search and rescue, cultural heritage, safety and green energy.

We actively participate to U-space concept and services definition, collaborating with international companies and authorities.



H2020 Grants

National Projects

scientific publication

Narrow Path Web tool

Narrow Path recommends the suitable buffer area width for flight operations, considering the navigation performance of drone, the operational altitude and the environmental conditions.

In this way the drone flight can be conducted safely by the pilot, with respect to the potential presence of low level ground obstacles and the terrain profile, particularly required for BVLOS operations.

Easy Flight

An accurate reproduction of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk cockpit with an immersive 180° field of view.

The main purpose of this flight simulator is to be a research platform for digital aviation and future safe interaction between Manned and Unmanned aircrafts.



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