How the U-space research influences the growth of a SME: an article from SESAR JU

SESAR JU has recently published an interesting article that explores how participation in Horizon 2020 influences the growth of a SME. We present an excerpt of the full article, which is available on the official SESAR JU website --- Creating a SESAR research...

A way to achieve a better air quality? AIR Heritage relies on technology and active citizenship

Since our foundation, we have privileged the opportunities of Research in context addressed to our ethic and interests: our first project, for example, concerned photovoltaic; then we conducted experiments on other green energy sources; precision farming, protection...

Enhancing Port Security, TopView participates in H2020 PASSport

  Last December a new H2020 project has started: PASSport (Operational Platform managing a fleet of semi-autonomous drones exploiting GNSS high Accuracy and Authentication to improve Security & Safety in port areas). The purpose of this project is to improve...

We offer a different point of view to our customers since 2013

UAS operations


TopView is a UAS Operator able to fly even in safety-critical conditions in compliance with Italian and EU regulations.

Compared to the traditional methods, the Unmanned Aircraft System has significant advantages in terms of accuracy, time and variety of collectable data.

The UAS can fly over places usually difficult to reach, such as roofs and pylons, reducing significantly the risk for the personnel involved in manutentions.

We specialized in thermographic inspections of photovoltaic plants and aerial photogrammetry.

Drone System integration


Drones can make a difference in many areas of application. 

That’s why we integrate drones into business processes simply and effectively.

Starting from the use case definition, we design the most suitable UAS solution, based on existing business systems and constant interaction with the customer.



How will the airspace change in the coming years?

The great versatility of the use of drones favored a rapid and constant development of this technology. Today the challenge is to address the technological maturation of drones, having as a reference respect for the rights of the community, especially privacy and security

Since 2016 TopView participate in the U-space definition, aiming to shape the concept of operations  and to design new services for the digital aviation.


Our story

We firmly trust in the disruptive impact of drones in many applications: over the years we’ve designed and prototyped cutting-edge systems, fulfilling customers’ needs.

A hobby in the beginning now has become a drone-focused company for precision agriculture, search and rescue, cultural heritage, safety and green energy.

We actively participate to U-space concept and services definition, collaborating with international companies and authorities.



H2020 Grants

National Projects

scientific publication

Pollicino™️ enables U-space services in Italy, transmitting the UAS position to d-flight.

Professional Use

Recreational Use



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