SAV-ES: Sistema Aeromobile Vincolato (Tethered aircraft system) based on Elistair technology

It is the basic model of the new family of products named “SAV”¹ and consists of a Mantide 900 exarotor drone wired by the elistair ground-based Safe-T. It is manually controlled by a pilot holding ENAC L / Mc attestation

Main features:

Ground station

  • Maximum elevation: 100 mt;

  • Virtually unlimited autonomy;

  • Primary power supply voltage: 220Vac/16A 50 Hz;

  • Backup battery and automatic landing in case of failure;

  • Power cable with kevlar core and diameter of 3 mm;

  • Cable data transfer with bandwidth of 40Mb/s

  • Automatic control of the mechanical tension of the cable;

  • Ground station size (cm): 65x35x35

  •  Ground station weight: 28 kg;


  • Retractable landing trolley
  • Maximum wind speed: 20 knots
  • Ambient temperature: -5 ° C / + 40 ° C
  • Drone weight (without payload): 4.9 Kg at 100 mt
  • Maximum cargo (payload): 3 kg

1. SAV (Sistema Aeromobile Vincolato)

SAV is a new family of systems derived from TopView’s research and development, whose goal is to increase the limited autonomy of multicopters.

The development ROADMAP involves the generation of two systems that achieve the same purpose with two different approaches

1. SAV (Connected Aerospace System): Multi-rotor power is generated by a ground station that provides energy to the aircraft via cable;

SAV-ES is the first available family system, used manually.

SAV-TV is the fully automatic system, which is scheduled to be marketed by the end of 2017.

2. HEM (High Endurance Multicopter): The aircraft mission is prolonged thanks to automatic battery replacement with automatic coupling (take-off and landing) of the drone to a dedicated hangar.


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